Project: Wake up Bengal A.C.T.T.

Introducing, All Children Together Trust

About A.C.T.T

All Children Together Trust is an independent non-profit organisation Charitable organisation registered under Indian Trust Act 1961 (No-06268-04474 dated 15.10.2007) which provides opportunity through it's homes and school.

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List of Donators

Bengali-Mp3.Com Rs. 1500

Sujoy Kumar Bag Rs. 1000

Radhakrishnan Rs. 500

Titas Mumbai Rs. 500

Arup Sarkar Rs. 500

Avra Ghosh Rs. 500

Supra Bhukta Rs. 500

Amit Mitra Rs. 500

Abhisek Acharya Rs. 300

Priyonjita Dey Rs 300

Dibya Baidya Rs. 200

Medha Vats Rs. 200

Baijayanti Pradhan Rs. 100

Khusi banerjee Rs. 100

Ishika Bhar Rs. 100

Poulami Kundu Rs. 100

Payel Dey Rs. 100

Our Thoughts

Children are the future of our nation and thus helping the children helps the nation to strengthen itself. This Christmas, Bengali-Mp3.Com became the Santa to each and every orphan at A.C.T.T. We believe, it's our duty to devote ourselves to the people of our nation, so that, everyone can grow, everyone can dream, everyone can shine, because everyone is special. Visit the Official Website.